Hearing loss in children due to excessive use of earphones

While technology is taking over the world to make our lives easier, we pay a huge cost for it. Earphones are one such invention, which has added life to the activity of listening to music. But, on the other hand, it has proven capabilities to damage the sense of hearing. It is even more dangerous for children. Whether they play video games, attend their online classes, or listen to music while wearing earphones all the time, they are highly exposed to the danger of hearing loss. So, here is how earphones can damage the hearing capability of children.

What do earphones do to your child’s ears?

Earphones can produce sound waves that reach their ears and create a strong vibration in their eardrum. This vibration tends to spread through the area of their inner ear through small bones and reaches the cochlea. It causes continuous to-and-from motion in the fluid present in the cochlea, which, in turn, makes the hairs of the cochlea vibrate. These vibrations tend to increase as the sound gets louder.

So, due to the prolonged exposure to intense vibration, the cochlea hair cells tend to lose their sensitivity. Also, too loud sound or excessive usage of earphones can cause bending or folding of the hair cells, leading to temporary loss of hearing.

Symptoms of hearing loss in children

Children who are continuously exposed to the loud noise produced by earphones can experience the following symptoms before having permanent hearing loss.

  • Difficulties in understanding speech at a noisy place
  • Listening to music, TV, or radio at a higher volume than before
  • A feeling of plugged ear
  • Hearing muffled sounds
  • Experiencing roaring, hissing, or ringing in the ear

What is the effective treatment for hearing loss in children?

Well, the treatment is entirely dependent on the type of hearing loss your child has undergone. Usually, the type of hearing loss caused due to the excessive usage of earphones is irreversible. But with the help of hearing aids and implants, doctors can restore the sense of hearing in patients to a certain extent. However, most of the time, these aids also fail to compensate for the non-functional parts of the ear.

Thus, it is highly recommended to keep the volume of your child's earphones low. However, if your child seems to suffer from hearing loss, you can consult the ENT specialists of Miracles Mediclinic to get your child treated at the right time and prevent further damage.


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