How Do I Prepare for a Successful IVF Treatment?

Having a kid is one of the biggest happiness of a couple’s life. However, due to some unfortunate circumstances such as blockage in fallopian tubes, all of the females are not in a position to conceive. Worry not, with the advancement of science, doctors have developed advanced techniques. These methods assist you in realizing your desire to have a kid. IVF treatment with the best IVF doctor is a good choice.

IVF treatment (In vitro fertilization) is considered as one of the most successful artificial reproductive techniques. Despite this, the results of IVF vary between 33%-55%. It is a process of fertilizing the embryo with sperm in a controlled setting outside the human body. It results in formation of an embryo. Then, it is transferred to a female’s uterus to facilitate pregnancy. 

IVF is a stressful journey for a couple lasting 3-6 months. The best fertility and IVF clinic in Delhi NCR can comfort the couple by recommending them how to prepare themselves physically and emotionally. It is important to learn about the factors that can help or hinder IVF success.  

Right Age for IVF is >30 years

It has been widely proven that quality of sperm and oocytes depend on age majorly. Women at younger age have higher chances of success. Hence, more than 30 years is considered the right age for IVF.

Achieve Healthy weight

Having a healthy BMI ensures proper hormone levels and reduces the chances of miscarriage. Proper nutrition prepares the body for carrying the child. A healthy diet along with exercise will help you in reaching your ideal BMI.

Avoid smoking and drinking

Alcohol and tobacco reduce the chances of successful IVF treatment. Its consumption adversely affects the quality of egg and sperm. Foetus’s health could also be in danger. So, abstain from such unhealthy habits to make IVF successful.

Nutritious diet

Your diet has a direct impact on the health of your baby. A balanced diet inclusive of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, protein, legumes and dairy should be included in the diet. Avocado is a superfood which can be included as a snack. It will prepare and strengthen your uterus for carrying the child. Try to avoid refined and sugary foods at the same time.

Be fit mentally

IVF process tests a couple mentally as well. A stressed mind affects the body negatively. It is thought to reduce the success rate of IVF. So, follow mindfulness exercises, yoga, meditation to help reduce stress levels. 

IVF treatment will be more successful if you prepare properly. Along with the preparation of the body, education about the process is also very necessary. Consult the best IVF center in Delhi NCR at Miracles Fertility & IVF Clinic, Gurgaon for educating yourself about IVF. Hope this information will bring you closer to having your child.


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