How Physiotherapy helps for lower back pain?

Earlier associated with old age, lower back pain is now common across all age-groups and is a consequence of the frantic lifestyle they follow. While the strength differs from person to person, and at times it even goes away on its own, at other times the pain remains, worsens or returns and it is then that the road to recovery extends longer. At times back pain may be treated and diagnosed with complex treatments. But now physiotherapy is quickly becoming an efficient, safe, and cost-effective way to unwind the muscles.

Some common ways in which physiotherapy can relieve you from that persisting pain are as follows:

  • Restoring the usual range of motion is the focus of physical therapy. This will relieve the stiffness around the back muscles to permit you to move and bend contentedly. Pilates is an enormously useful therapy in easing the spasm and rebuilding the muscle strength to stop further damage.
  • Physiotherapy will focus on managing the pain and decreasing the inflammation. Based on the condition, the physiotherapy center in Gurgaon will use cold and hot fomentation to restore muscle movement gradually.
  • Based on lifestyle and overall routine, the physiotherapy clinics in Gurgaon create a fitness plan to help manage muscular strength daily so that it comes into the flow of activities of daily living.
  • The rehabilitation program is customized to the pressure points of the body such as for athletes whose spinal cord bears most of the pressure; physiotherapy pays attention to strengthening exercises for the spine.

Thus, the four phases of overall treatment are: 1) pain relief, 2) restoring usual range of motion and strengthening the muscles, 3) restoring complete function, and then finally, 4) stopping recurrence through regular core exercises for the lower back. It is essential to understand that physiotherapy is a stepwise procedure to restore strength and muscular movement and therefore necessitates consistent exercising first with the physiotherapist and then on your own to endorse easier and better recovery.

Physiotherapists will be able to diagnose the patient and prepare the treatment accordingly. Treatments that are offered mainly are pain relieving modalities like SWD, IFT, TENS, US, Infra-Red Therapy, Lumbar Traction, etc. These are some of the tools that physiotherapists use.


Physiotherapy treatments are divided into 3 main categories:


  1. Reduce pain by utilizing pain relieving modalities primarily electrotherapy physio, equipment, massage, and several other mobilization techniques.
  2. Improve strength of low back and flexibility with assistance of strengthening and stretching and mobilization of low back exercise
  3. Ergonomic care and use of orthosis, braces, taping technique to avoid further stress over low back area.

Back muscle exercises such as back extension exercise, back flexion exercise, posture correction exercise, back core muscle strengthening exercise, and lower limb exercise are carried out according to diagnosis.

As back pain can really hamper your daily routine, going through physiotherapy can be challenging if availed through a novice physiotherapist. Therefore, it is always better to choose a professional physiotherapist when it comes to getting relief from lower back pain.


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