How safe is Apollo Cradle Gurgaon during Covid-19?

The Corona pandemic has disrupted lives all over the globe. Life outside and inside of the hospital are the major ones that have been most affected. Yes, there are numerous concerns and questions about the potential of this outbreak hampering pregnancy. But, a lot depends on how hospitals have geared up and updated their sanitation measures. Now, for any woman pregnancy is associated with anticipation and excitement, more so for expectant mommies with a delivery due in future. However, Apollo Cradle Gurgaon is the best hospital for baby delivery that you can come across. Here is why.

NABH accredited

Are you a would-be mommy afraid of going for appointments? Yes? There are ample reasons that with the most renowned birthing centre in Gurgaon, you can keep all your fears aside. Apollo Cradle Gurgaon maintains highest care standards and completes the whole process of birthing with utmost perfection. You can come for pre-natal checkups without any hesitation as the hospital lives up to the expectation of highest sanitary standards. 

But, what ensures that we live by the highest standards? Well, proudly hold a NABH accreditation that means Apollo Cradle stimulates continuous and constant improvement. The accreditation enables us to demonstrate our commitment towards high-quality care besides benchmarking with the best healthcare units. 

Air purifiers and room filters to ensure safety to vulnerable mothers 

The entire delivery process is a complex one and makes any new mommy vulnerable to a lot many things. Not just the mommy but the baby also demands high quality care and there is nothing more important than fixing the quality of air they breathe. 

Therefore, Apollo Cradle, the normal delivery hospital in Gurgaon in the current wake of the Corona situation has installed air purifiers, and room filters in the wards. Since any patient is capable of carrying bacterial, fungal, and viral infections or suffer from other contagious diseases, our wards with air purifiers keep smoke, dust, viruses, mold, allergens and bacteria at bay. Besides, the room filters installed in every emergency room sterilizes the atmosphere and accomplishes high-quality ventilation. 

Separate OT LDR for non-diagnosed patients 

It is important for any maternity hospital to have top notch labor rooms that are not just fully equipped but versatile. And, we at Apollo Cradle‘s birthing centre in Gurgaon, are  proud to admit that we have a completely separate labor, delivery and recovery (LDR) room for patients that have not been diagnosed. The room resembles your room at home, has a specially-equipped bed and is supremely comfortable. Hence, a harmful transmission caused by any viral disease is almost impossible for the new mothers. 

Isolation ward for non-diagnosed patient

For Apollo Cradle Gurgaon, our top priority is delivering unparalleled health care facilities. And, thus setting up dedicated wards of isolation for the non-diagnosed patients was one of the most important measures. Our isolation unit is well stocked with supplies, necessary equipment and has separate staff, so that until we are fully sure about the infections, disease, status of the patient, they can be treated separately. These measures help us to protect the new mothers as the unit prevents any form of transmission. 


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