How to protect your bones as you age?

Bones play an integral role in our bodies. Right from storing calcium, anchoring muscles, protecting organs to providing a rigid structure, bones do it all. While it's crucial to build healthy and strong bones during adolescence and childhood, steps need to be taken during adulthood as well to prevent your bones from getting brittle and breaking. So, here are some tips to protect your bones as you age.

Intake sufficient amount of calcium

Calcium serves to be the building block of bones. As per the Institute of Medicine, adults must intake 1000mg of calcium daily. And in the case of men above 70 years and women aged 50+, at least 1200 mg Calcium needs to be consumed per day to maintain their normal bone growth. So, include milk, different dairy products, leafy green vegetables and fruits in your diet to improve your bone health.

Maintain a proper body weight

Being skinny increases the possibility of having bone loss or fracture. Besides, being overweight is also known to increase the chance of wrist and arm fractures. So, maintaining proper body weight is vital for protecting your bones.

Opt for regular exercising

Working out is the key to retain bone density. The best workout for your bone health is a weight-bearing exercise such as lifting weights or walking for 30 minutes. Regular walking helps in reducing the chance of having back and hip pain. In addition, 30 minutes of impact and intensity resistance training twice a week can improve bone strength, structure, and density in postmenopausal females with low bone mass.

Avoid substance abuse

Strictly avoid smoking to prevent bone loss. However, during winters, you can intake alcohol in moderate amounts if needed. If you are aged 65+, avoid consuming more than one alcoholic beverage a day. And if you are aged below 65 years, do not consume more than two drinks each day.

So, these are a few vital tips to take care of your bone health in your growing age. However, if you are experiencing pain or stiffness in your bone joints, contact Miracles Apollo Cradle Spectra Hospital in Sec 82 Gurgaon today. They bring you a wide array of orthopaedic doctors from the top hospitals who can easily diagnose and treat your bone-related issues.


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