How to Reduce Office Back Pain?

Do you work in a corporate office sitting for long hours in your chair right in front of a desktop? Well, then it’s obvious to experience back pain. Maintaining a changeless position for 8 hours or more at work can cause stiffness around your spine, leading to a permanent or short-term lower back condition. So, to prevent undergoing such a condition, here are some tips that’ll help you relieve and minimize your office back pain.

Always sit in the right posture

A bad posture while sitting down on chairs can cause strains in ligaments, discs, muscles and other parts of your back. So, it is essential to sustain the correct posture for effective muscle utilization of your back area while maintaining the good health of your spinal cord. To reduce the stress positioned on your back, you must sit as near as possible to your table with your upper arms aligned to your spine, head upright, and hands positioned at a 90-degree angle on the work desk. Also, do not forget to place your legs at 90 degrees, right above your ankles.

Try to stay active

Another way to do away with your back pain is to stay as active as possible in the office. But how? Well, it's simple; you just need to stretch at least once in the first half, once towards the end, and once in the middle of your day. Stretching will enable you to reduce your body pain and backache that develop from being inactive. Sometimes back pain can also be a consequence of anxiety. So, you must amalgamate breathing workouts and other relaxation methods with stretches to keep both your body and mind healthy and fresh at your workplace.

Take short breaks in between work

When working for long hours, it is crucial to take short breaks by getting up from your chair and moving around. Though every office worker must stretch in between their work schedule, taking a walk is also necessary. Even a one-minute walk in the corridor or common room can be effective for reducing office back pain.

So, by performing these practices, you can considerably decrease the amount of pressure positioned on your spine, reducing your office back pain. If your back pain doesn't lessen and keep aggravating, seek immediate help from renowned orthopedic specialist doctors in Gurgaon & listed at Miracles Mediclinic.


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