Manage Age-related hearing loss

Age-related hearing impairment and its onset

The hearing impairment in elderly people is often known as presbycusis, which refers to a decline in the ability of an individual to hear with clarity as age progresses. This is a common type of loss of sensorineural hearing primarily caused by the damaging of the hair cells within the inner ear or towards the nerve pathway. Surprisingly, the age-related hearing problem may begin from a relatively young age and continues to deteriorate over time. Although this condition is not life-threatening, without proper treatment is never an option. When the condition worsens, it majorly affects the quality of one’s life. So, it is a healthy life decision to consult an ENT specialist when presbycusis becomes prominent.

How does presbycusis progress and affect the quality of life?

When an individual suffers from presbycusis, he/she may face difficulty in hearing high-frequency sounds. This also includes speech where the individual faces serious issues in understanding spoken words as the condition progresses. With the presence of any background noise in the environment, hearing others even faintly gets harder. As the condition progresses, one may realize that it is not only the high-pitch sounds that give trouble, but it significantly interferes with other frequencies as well. The source of any sound becomes difficult to recognize and there is constant experiencing dizziness, tinnitus, or even balance-related problems.

The problem of hearing impairment not only affects the quality of one’s life, but it also raises a safety concern with the progressing stages. If you are experiencing hearing problems, you should get your hearing tested by ENT specialists. Once the seriousness of the condition is identified, you may consult with a professional to get the best solution for the problem. There are many renowned ENT doctors Gurgaon, who are experts in their field of treating presbycusis and other age-related hearing impairment.

Causes of age-related hearing loss

Although we tend to blame our age for the hearing impairment, there are more to the contributing factors. Although the exact cause of hearing loss is not known by scientists, many factors are believed to contribute to the impairment. ENT specialists believe that the condition is caused due to a combined effect of genes, environment, and lifestyle aspects. Many of them even associate hearing loss development with specific changes within the inner ear where sound waves get converted into nerve impulses.

Treatment of age-related hearing impairment

In most of the cases, the hearing problem is unavoidable; however, certain steps may be taken by individuals to slow down the rate of progress by avoiding excess exposure to noise. In some cases, health issues like diabetes mellitus or cardiovascular disease also affect hearing abilities. The most common form of treatment for age-related hearing impairment is the usage of hearing aid that must be programmed as well as calibrated to suit an individual’s needs. So, it is advisable for people experiencing hearing issues to consult ENT doctors Gurgaon who are known for their expertise and commitment to duties.


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