Scaling of Teeth Harmful: Myth or a fact?

When you visit any dental clinic in Gurgaon, the dentists will only tell you to keep your teeth clean and perform scaling to maintain oral hygiene.

Teeth Scaling is a dental procedure that cleans the teeth by eliminating plaque and tartar. Plague is a sticky thing that has many bacteria, and tartar is a compressed form of plaque. Both are dangerous and lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Hence, it is crucial to perform scaling to avoid such issues.

But when it comes to teeth scaling, you will find several myths associated with it. These misconceptions lead to catastrophic disasters as you think about them and avoid going for scaling. So, you have to learn the myths and the facts to clear these misunderstandings. That is why below, we will discuss some teeth scaling myths and their truths so that you can maintain good oral hygiene by scaling frequently.


Scaling is not helpful for teeth.


The most popular myth about teeth scaling is this. It is wrong as scaling eliminates tartar and plaque to keep teeth and gums healthy and free of bacteria. It also prevents bad breath and bleeding gums. Therefore, scaling is advantageous, and people need to visit a reputed dental hospital in Gurgaon for doing it.


Scaling makes teeth sensitive.


People often think that scaling makes their teeth sensitive. It is true to some extent as after tartar removal, the teeth get revealed to the oral conditions. But we can call it a myth, because you will notice the sensitivity will disappear in a couple of days or hours and when the gums get connected to your teeth.


Scaling of teeth is a distressing method


There is a belief that scaling is a painful dental process. But the fact is that it is a painless method. You will just feel a mild vibrating sensation and scraping on your teeth. 


Scaling weakens and loses the teeth.


One of the most prevailing myths of teeth scaling is that the entire method weakens and loses your teeth. But the fact is that your teeth already get weakened because you have tartar and plague deposited on your teeth. But as scaling excludes these harmful particles, it is helpful. So, instead of weakening your teeth, you can get a disease, bacteria-free, and healthy gum and teeth by applying this process.


Scaling increases gaps between the teeth


If you feel after the scaling process, the gap between your teeth has increased, you are wrong. When you have several gum diseases, the gap between your teeth gets filled with tartar. Scaling removes these only and cleans your teeth and gums. As a result, you feel that the gap has increased.

Wrapping it up


So, we can say that the above myths and facts are enough for you to determine there are no adverse effects associated with scaling. Therefore, you should ignore the myths and get scaling done as per your dentist's recommendation. It will assist you in getting disease-free and healthy teeth, and you can talk and smile without hesitancy.


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