What includes a pre-pregnancy checkup?

The first few weeks after conception are vital for you and your baby. Due to this, it is essential to be healthy and prepared for pregnancy before you conceive. Most professionals suggest that women should do pre-pregnancy care. For that, you need to consult the best gynaecologist in GurgaonAn expert can assist before you get pregnant by doing some tests to assure that you and your partner don’t have any illness that could impact your pregnancy.

What is Pre-pregnancy Checkup?

A preconception checkup is a medical checkup that is done before a woman gets pregnant. It helps in making sure you’re healthy when you conceive. During your preconception checkup, your health provider looks for health issues or conditions that may affect your pregnancy and the health of your baby.

Get a preconception checkup even if you’ve had a baby before as your health may have changed since your last pregnancy. Moreover, a pre-pregnancy checkup is highly essential if you’ve had a premature baby, a miscarriage, stillbirth, and a baby with a birth defect.

Visit the renowned gynae clinic in Gurgaon if such health conditions run in your family.

Importance of Pre-pregnancy Checkup

  • Pre-pregnancy checkup assists your health care provider to assure that your body is ready for pregnancy. There is no specific duration to get this checkup as you can get it done up to a year before you wish to conceive.
  • Firstly, your doctor will start the checkup by getting a complete medical health record from both you and your partner. He or she may also wish to run some tests like blood tests and a pap smear. It will help you manage health conditions if any and make changes in your lifestyle.
  • Make sure to follow all the suggestions and medical treatments suggested by your best gynae doctor in Gurgaon.

What Happens at the Checkup?

At this checkup, your doctor will discuss your health conditions that you are aware of, and possibly screen you for ones that are not aware of yet. Here are some of the aspects you and your doctor will talk about during a pre-pregnancy checkup:

  • Medical conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, anemia, epilepsy or allergies are all discussed during this checkup. You will learn about how any such conditions may affect your pregnancy and what pregnancy means for your health condition. Your health care provider will help manage your health condition before and during pregnancy.
  • Taking preconception care means taking good care of yourself so it is beneficial whether or not you have plans to get pregnant. Having a balanced diet, losing weight and exercising are essential parts of pre-pregnancy care. Also, it is needed to deal with unhealthy lifestyle habits too.
  • If you want to talk about any medications you’re taking before you get pregnant fast, it is suggested to consult Dr Sadhna Sharma as she is one of the most experienced and skilled doctors in this field. This will help you how certain medications can cause serious birth defects.


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