Why choose Apollo Cradle over multi-specialty hospitals especially during Covid 19?

Pregnancy and childbirth are an important milestone in the life of a woman. Pregnancy brings a mixed feeling of joy, bliss, and stress, all at the same time. Women undergo a complete transformation, both mentally and physically, during pregnancy and need expert medical care along with family support. A mother wants the best for her child and this wish starts from the first day of pregnancy. The would-be parents want a healthy child, free from infection, or any health issue. For this, one needs professional medical care and a holistic approach towards the birthing process. This is where Apollo Cradle becomes an ideal choice for expecting women – not only because it offers high-quality medical facilities but also because it understands what a pregnant woman may require physically, mentally, and emotionally. This holistic approach and understanding differentiates Apollo Cradle from multi-specialty hospitals.

Best birthing center for your unborn child:

Parents who seek the best birthing center, to welcome their unborn child into this world, prefer Apollo CradleApollo Cradle strives to make the birthing process smooth and guides expectant women, both physically and emotionally, during the entire process.

Considered among the best birthing centers in Gurgaon, Apollo Cradle follows a unique concept of birthing. Since Moms-to-be is our focus, expectant mothers are not treated as just another “surgery” like they may be categorized at a multi-specialty hospital. Apollo Cradle offers a homelike environment, within a healthcare system. We offer a family-centered care system that may be missing in multi-specialty hospitals. The entire care, dedicated to the birthing process, in a family atmosphere, is something that Apollo Cradle believes in. 

Childbirth during the global pandemic crisis: 

The world is presently living under coronavirus fear. Pregnant women are considered in the vulnerable group.  In this scenario, multi-specialty hospitals may be considered a riskier option considering the fact that patients suffering from a wide spectrum of diseases may be admitted there. Patients at multi-specialty hospitals have a higher risk of acquiring nosocomial or hospital-acquired infections.

The fear of infection may take a psychological toll on the mother. Choosing a dedicated maternity center may help in reducing some of the anxieties of expectant mothers. Apollo Cradle follows strict sanitation measures and screens its health care personnel on a daily basis to prevent cross-infection. 

Expected mothers are admitted after screening them for Covid infection and strict protocols are followed for safe labor and postnatal care. You and your baby are in safe hands when you choose Apollo Cradle as your birthing center


Choosing a Specialized, Single-Specialty Women’s hospital, like Apollo Cradle, can help provide the required medical care, in a comfortable, home-like environment. These factors may be considered even more important, during the ongoing Covid situation.


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