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Arthroscopic Surgery (ACL / PCL reconstructions)

Anterior and posterior (ACL / PCL) cruciate ligaments are essential in stabilizing the knee joint. Contact sports players are most often victims to injuries in these regions, and can otherwise occur following trauma. Such injuries often lead to a painful swollen knee paired with serious discomfort in walking.

Of the two structures, the ACL is the major stabilizing one. Injuries on the ACL are more common and more disabling, whereas the PCL acts on the long axis of the knee and are in fact less prone to injuries. In either case, associated meniscal or ligament injuries follow.

For such injuries, a reconstruction of the torn ligament is often required, and in the procedure, other parts of the person's tissue are used to reconstruct said ligament. This tissue can be from their own tendons or special implants used to fixate the reconstruction in place.

The procedure is done arthroscopically, so is minimally invasive and requires a small incision to harvest the tendon graft. Ideally, it requires minimal hospitalization and a well programmed supervised physiotherapy protocol including knee-bending and walking with aids is initiated the immediate day after the patient is discharged. The patient can most often resume daily activities and as early as three weeks preceding the surgery.

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