Considering The Causes of Joint Pains in Winters

There are many underlying reasons for bone stiffness or joint pain. Almost all adults over the age of forty faces joint disorder. Obesity and poor nutrition influence knee or joint pain in people. However, you may see some complaint of a sudden increase in the joint pain in the winters. Why is it so? You can search “Orthopedic doctor in Gurgaon near meonline to make an appointment to know better.

Here, however, we attempt to understand the possible causes of your joint pains in winters.

  • One cause is the drop in the barometric pressure that results from the moving of the cold front. This drop leads to swelling of the joints because of the less pressure felt on the body.
  • Another cause is related to the fluid present in your joints. In winters, this fluid tends to get thicker causing pain in your joints.
  • In the winter season, our muscles tend to get stiffer and less flexible which makes us prone to injuries or muscle soreness. The ortho doctors in Gurgaon will advise you to do light exercises or prescribe medicines.
  • The blood tends to flow away from the legs and arms in winter and other to the lungs and heart to keep you warm. However, this means that your joints will lack the warmth it needs and lead to pain.
  • You can rarely soak in the Vitamin D in winters, which means your muscle tenderness may increase. So, as a result, you can understand why there is such a sudden pain in your joints.
  • With the low temperature on wintry days, you may also get muscle spasms. So, it is better to get ready for the winter by searching for the best "Orthopedic doctor in Gurgaon near me”.

You can try a few hacks at home to ease the joint pain such as - maintaining the room temperature, wearing warm clothes to insulate the joint, taking proper nutrition, especially Vitamin D, applying a hot compress to the swelled joints, etc. However, that said, it is always the right to contact an expert. So, connect with the best ortho doctors in Gurgaon through Miracles Healthcare and say goodbye to sore muscles.


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