Nasal Septum is the bony cartilage that divides the nose into two channels. The deviated nasal septum is a condition when this bony cartilage gets displaced causing one of the channels to be bigger than the other.  Due to this deviation there can be several discomforts which are usually as follows:-

  • Nasal blockage.
  • Bleeding from nose
  • Snoring during sleep and thus improper rest.
  • Congested nose.
  • Postnasal drip in throat
  • Constant cough and cold complain.
  • Severe headache.
  • Ear pain.

The deviated septum causes a change in the pattern of the airflow inside the nose which can block the narrower side. This can also cause cracks or dryness of the septum leading to bleeding from the nose and recurrent blockages of the nose can also lead to sinusitis.

The deviated nasal septum can be present in patients as a deformity from birth or maybe due to accident or injury. The deviated nasal septum is said to worsen as one age.

ENT specialists usually treat this deviation which starts with a diagnosis. The best ENT doctors usually do a nasal speculum and examine the size of the nostrils of the patient. Also, they enquire about the discomforts being faced like snoring, breathing problems, etc.

Though studies have shown that nearly 10 million people are affected in India every year, yet deviated nasal septum is usually considered as:-

  • Self-treatable as in many cases there might not be any symptoms, if deviation is smaller
  • Required medical intervention and diagnosis
  • Rarely x rays and lab tests are required

Though the treatment differs from patient to patient and also depends on the amount of deviation and other factors usually patients are first treated with:-

  • Use of adhesive strips for clearing nasal passages
  • Antihistamines- They are over the counter inexpensive and generic drugs that are used to treat allergies.
  • Nasal steroids

In case the ENT specialist feels there is a need and all the symptomatic treatments are not working then a reconstructive surgery or Septoplasty can be suggested.

Larger the deviation, more it causes difficulty in nose breathing, snoring. In long term, it increases sleep deprivation (can lead to raised blood pressure and sugar).

This is a surgery usually done by the best ENT doctors under general or local anaesthesia or endoscopes. The surgery takes around 90 mins wherein the surgeon cuts the septum and straightens it. It may require excess cartilage to be taken out. Silicone splints can also be used to support the septum hold position. The incision is then closed with sutures. The success rate for this surgery is approximately >90 %.

Overall a deviated septum might not require treatment at all. However, if there is any discomfort it is always advised to visit an ENT specialist who can analyze the course of treatment or surgery.

The Septoplasty is done by innumerable doctors in India. There are innumerable good ENT clinics in Gurgaon who do this surgery. Though the cost varies from clinic to clinic, yet the minimum cost is considered to be about Rs. 22,000 whereas on the higher side it can even cost around Rs. 84,000 in some renowned state of the art hospitals.

The best ENT clinics in Gurgaon have a department of Otolaryngology that has the best ENT doctors who provide treatment for all ear, nose, and throat related diseases along with head and neck areas also.


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