Headaches - what to know and when to see a neurologist

Have you ever been annoyed with a throbbing pain between your temples, sometimes in the middle of a high-priority work, at times while watching a movie or even when you are at rest? The answer will be an obvious yes, as headaches are as common as cold and sneeze. Most of the time, we tend to self-treat them with a cup of coffee and rest along with over the counter pills. But some headaches never seem to fade that easily, they are recurrent and could be so deep to disturb the activities of daily living. Perhaps, those headaches require serious thought and treatment from specialists at the best neurology hospital in Gurgaon.

Know the severity of your headache:

If you are someone who is under the perspective that headaches are common and ease off with some rest, think again. Not all headaches are the same, some intense pains are alarms of some serious underlying disorder that might land you in the ICU instantly. Especially if the headache is associated with confusion, slurred speech, difficulty in comprehending, tremors, double vision, and clumsiness.

If your headache is associated with such symptoms, then it requires immediate consultation with a neurologist as they are warning signs of underlying pathology pertinent to the brain and the nervous system. And it may be mandatory that the headache gets evaluated with pertinent diagnostic studies like CT scan and MRI to locate its exact origin and cause.

When to see a neurologist?

Some warning signs that require immediate and specialized medical attention are as follows

  • Constant headache for more than a day or two.
  • Sudden onset of pain without any triggers.
  • The pain tends to worsen with activity.
  • Early morning headache, as soon as you get up from bed.
  • Headache associated with vision changes and lack of control over other parts of the body.
  • Headaches that are associated with confusion, dizziness, nausea, disorientation, etc.
  • Headaches not responding to rest and treatment.
  • Associated fever and stiffness in the neck.
  • Headaches following a serious injury to the head.

These symptoms that associate with a headache are indicative of some serious underlying brain pathology such as brain tumors, swelling in the brain, brain hemorrhage, etc. And it is mandatory that you seek immediate medical care without any delay. For, when it comes to the brain neurons, early and prompt treatment is the only tool to limit the severity of the disease.

Brain Specialists in Gurgaon are pioneers in the prompt diagnosis and treatment of such neurological disorders and their timely diagnosis and treatment have saved several patients from falling prey to serious damages of the brain, in the past. They can identify the exact brain pathology at an early stage, when they are manageable and completely treatable and prevent complications like coma and paralysis for their patients.

Final thoughts:

The next time you get a serious headache and try to self-treat yourself, think again. Your headache deserves better management and care from a credible neurologist in Gurgaon. These experts help in alleviating your pain completely by treating the underlying cause rather than the mere symptom.


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