Egg freezing - helps a woman to decide her pregnancy

Fertilization and childbirth are two natural phenomena devised to bring off-springs to the Earth. But in recent times, owing to lifestyle changes and stress induction, people are finding it difficult to conceive naturally and resort to artificial fertilization methods like the IVF.

The In-vitro Fertilization technique is one of the most productive and promising means of fertilization with high success rates. IVF not only helps a woman to conceive but also helps her to postpone her pregnancy for later. Egg freezing or the Oocyte Co-preservation technique preserves the ability of the women to get pregnant when she decides to.

What is Egg Freezing?

In this technique, the eggs that are harvested from the ovaries of the women are stored unfertilized to help the women get pregnant in the future. The eggs can be stored for many years without undergoing any deterioration. The frozen egg can then be thawed and fertilized to sperm in the lab, before implanting in the uterus. IVF treatment in Delhi is becoming tremendously popular as the majority of the women wish to space their pregnancy according to their convenience.

Who should consider Egg Freezing technique?

  • Women who have an underlying condition that can affect their fertility can choose the egg freezing technique.
  • Medical treatments such as radiation therapy or chemotherapy can harm fertility. IVF treatment in Delhi helps women with chronic diseases to plan their pregnancy later on.
  • Egg Freezing is also considered to preserve young and healthy eggs for future babies.

Process of Egg Freezing:

The IVF Treatment in Delhi NCR carries out egg freezing and preservation at sequential steps to enhance its potency in inducing pregnancy later on. Before obtaining the eggs, the women have to be on hormonal stimulation for 10-12 days, helping at least 10-15 eggs to mature. The hormones will be injected in small doses daily to promote egg maturation.

The eggs will then be collected from the ovaries with the help of a USG guide probe through the vagina. This procedure is carried out under anesthesia and the women will be advised rest for the rest of the day.

The eggs are later vitrified or frozen in the laboratory. Eggs generally undergo rapid freezing through a process that extracts fluids from the eggs, preventing their potential damage. The Vitrified eggs can thus be stored for many years.

The chances of success of the procedure depend on the age of the women at the time of freezing and fertilization. Lower the age, the better are the chances of getting pregnant.

Egg-Freezing – The option for the future:

IVF treatment in Delhi NCR gifts the boon of pregnancy to the women who wish to space her pregnancy at own will. Once the woman decides to start a family, the eggs will be retrieved and fertilized. The embryo will then be transferred to the uterus of the women with the help of a catheter. Egg freezing doesn’t affect the quality of the eggs and pregnancy confirmation will be done with the help of a blood test, two weeks after the embryo transfer is completed.


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