How to tell if you are ready for another child?

Planning to have another baby is often harder than planning to have your first one. With the first baby, you're planning to begin a family. But with another child, you're bringing about a significant change to your and your partner's life and also your current kid's life. Also, while having another child, you need to consider how prepared your body is for another gestation period, as it has already undergone a massive level of changes in the last pregnancy. So, here is what you need to know before having another child.

Are 18 months covered after your last pregnancy?

Getting expectant again before 18 months of your last pregnancy can increase your child's chances of having critical health issues. Your baby can be born with a weight less than 2500 grams, which is too low a birth weight. Though many babies with low birth weight develop to be healthy kids, some can have long-term health effects fighting throughout their lives.

Besides, your child can be born too early, almost 37 weeks ahead of pregnancy. This condition is commonly known as premature birth. In such a case, the baby is more likely to have health issues during and after birth. Premature birth can also cause mental and physical disabilities in your baby. So, a minimum gap of 18 months is necessary to have a healthy baby.

The gap will fill the nutrients you lost during your last pregnancy and give your body enough time to heal. It will also provide you with time to prepare yourself physically and mentally to have another child.

Did you completely heal from inflammation and infections?

Did you have an inflammation in your uterus lining during your last pregnancy? If yes, then have you fully recovered from it? Well, endometriosis caused during gestation takes much time to heal. So, if you get expectant again before you have fully recovered from the inflammation, you may have the issue again in your subsequent pregnancy. Also, such conditions can cause premature rupture of membranes, causing the premature birth of your baby.

Besides these factors, you also need to consider your body weight, as obesity can lead to polycystic ovarian syndrome or affect fertility. However, before making the final decision, consult a gynaecologist from Miracles Mediclinic in Gurgaon.


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