Why Choose Apollo Cradle Hospital for Baby Delivery?

Nothing is more cherishing than bringing a new life into the world. Gone are the days when the baby was delivered anywhere without any precaution and medical help as now is the time when extreme care is taken while giving birth to the baby. When it comes to the best baby care hospital in Gurgaon nothing can beat the fame and popularity of Apollo Cradle Hospital. An initiative of Apollo Hospitals Group, Apollo Cradle is the best maternity hospital in the country.

Let’s find out some of the reasons why Apollo Cradle Hospital is the best for baby delivery.

Reasons to Choose Apollo Cradle Hospital

  • Highest Standards of Care

Unarguably, giving birth to a child is the second most painful process on this planet to go through and therefore, extreme care and highest standards of care are needed to complete this process successfully. Apollo Cradle Hospital boasts state of the art infrastructure and advanced technology to ensure best pregnancy care and painless normal delivery. Being one of the best hospitals in Gurgaon, it offers extensive care to its patients and assures that you are in safe hands.

  • Well-qualified team of doctors

Another major reason to choose Apollo Cradle Hospital is that it features the well-qualified team of doctors who have immense experience in this domain and are completely dedicated to their work. They are highly qualified and well-skilled to handle any patient’s condition. They leave nothing to chance and report the least rate of complication. In addition to this, doctors are available round the clock to assist the patient and make sure that every expectant mother undergoes a thorough pre-assessment and pre-delivery check.

  • Follow international protocols of safety

Safety is the major concern at the Apollo Cradle Hospital and this is what makes it a high-end maternity hospital in Gurgaon. Its medical infrastructure and facilities follow international protocols of safety and efficiency. This hospital features Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for those newborns that need extra care. For those patients who require close monitoring, Apollo Cradle Hospital features High Dependency Unit for them. If a mother needs temporary intensive care then she is stabilized in HDU where doctors can monitor her closely and transfer her to Apollo hospital in the case of an emergency.

  • Luxury at its extreme

While discussing Apollo Cradle Hospital, how can one forget to mention the concept of luxury? This hospital presents a whole new definition of hospital luxury. With plush interiors, highly qualified staff, modern facilities and amazing infrastructure, this hospital allows your child to born in the lap of luxury. Cradle – a venture by Apollo Hospital, aims at making special moments more memorable. At Apollo Cradle Hospital, fathers are also encouraged to take part in the delivery process while the mother is made to relax with the soothing music of her choice.

Apollo Cradle Hospital is a premium, high-end and boutique maternity center which is designed to satiate the service and quality needs of the young Indian mothers. Lots of efforts have been taken to make the ambience as homely as possible.


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