How to Heal Hernia after C-section Surgery?

Hernias though rare, are likely to occur after a C-section or cesarean delivery. The C-Section surgery involves creating an opening in the abdominal wall. A hernia can occur after a C-section surgery as a result of parts of the intestine or stomach protruding outward through a weakened abdominal wall. This eventually results in a bulge.   

While an incision hernia is most apparent from the sight of an unusual bulge at the point of incision or around it, other symptoms are likely to result in pain and distress. These symptoms include:

  • Intensifying pain around the abdominal area
  • Tenderness and pain on and around the bulge
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Redness and swelling on and around the abdominal area

Hernias are rare complications after C-section surgery, and strangulated hernias are considered medical emergencies, wherein diagnosis is followed up by hernia surgery. A strangulated hernia is defined by fatty tissue or sections of the small intestine pushing out of a compromised area of the abdominal muscle causing the surrounding muscle to clamp down and prevent blood flow to the small intestine. It is easy to see how a strangulated hernia could prove to be life-threatening, which in turn requires proactive medical treatment in the form of a hernia operation.

Doctors recommend surgically removing benign hernias as well, which requires elective hernia surgery that can be scheduled according to a patient’s convenience. Sooner rather than later, benign hernias are best surgically removed to prevent their reoccurrence. 

Post-Hernia Operation Recovery

Unless a hernia is unusually complex or large, most individuals recover fast post hernia repair surgery. While experiencing some pain around the surgical site is common post-operation, patients are generally able to sit up and walk around on the day following the surgery.

Doctors recommend remaining active post-surgery to accelerate healing and avoid complications such as blood clots. Adequate post-surgery care and caution mean that most individuals can go back to work within two weeks of hernia removal surgery.

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