Understanding Gallstones and Treatments

Are you experiencing pain in your upper abdomen? Or similar pain in the shoulder or chest at the same time? Corresponding pain in these areas could be symptoms of Gallstones. Gallstones can cause severe discomfort if not treated on time. A general surgeon in Gurgaon can help you in diagnosing the disease and getting suitable treatment. 

Let’s understand what Gallstones are

We have a pea pod shaped organ in our body known as the Gallbladder. It generates and stores a liquid known as bile. Bile juice helps in digesting the fat content of the food we eat. The gallbladder supplies bile juice for digestion to the intestine through a network of ducts. When stone-like objects get developed in your gallbladder, they are known as gallstones. The size of these stones ranges from a tiny grain of sand to a golf ball.

What causes Gallstones?

  • When the level of cholesterol increases in bile, it gets converted into a hard ball of cholesterol which is called gallstone.
  • Another reason is when there is an over-concentration of bile in the bladder, the excess gets converted into stones.

Some of the gallstones are very small and do not disturb the functioning of the body. However, when the size gets bigger, it can cause severe pain. The stones may also get stuck inside the ducts connecting the bladder and intestine, disrupting the functions.


If you are experiencing symptoms such as pain in the upper abdomen, chest, nausea, jaundice, then you should search for a general surgeon near me. General surgeon in Gurgaon detects the presence of gall stones by performing ultrasound, ERCP, MRCP, EUS. 

After detection, various treatment methods are there depending on the severity. 

  • Surgery – It is known as cholecystectomy. Under this, the gallbladder is removed to get rid of stones and bile juice is rerouted from the liver to the small intestine to aid digestion.
  • Nonsurgical ways – 
    • Oral tablets containing bile acids are used to breakdown the cholesterol stones.
    • Shock waves are passed through a person using a machine called a lithotripter. It breaks down the gallstones.
    • ERCP procedure – A tube-like structure inserted and moved throughout the digestive system to resolve any blockage due to gallstones.

Gallstones can cause serious problems. If you experience symptoms, you should not delay and look for a general surgeon near meContact Miracles Healthcare to get rid of gallstones.


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